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Jordan Poole‘s 4-year $128 million contract apparently isn’t a big enough bag for him to drop hundreds of thousands on a date.

The newly minted Washington Wizard has denied that he spent $500,000 on a date with Ice Spice.

According to TMZ, Poole was asked about the very expensive alleged date by a young kid at a Wizards meet-and-greet, and Poole made it clear it never happened.

“Definitely not. Definitely cap,” Poole replied to the question while signing a jersey.

The rumor started back in May when rapper Cam’ron called out the then-Golden State Warrior for his disastrous play during the 2023 NBA playoffs.

In the Western Conference semifinals against the Lakers, Poole averaged just 8 points a game and barely shot 24% from beyond the arc, compared to his 17 points per game on 39% shooting that helped the team’s 2022 championship run.

On his sports show, It Is What It Is –which he hosts with childhood best friend and fellow rapper Mase– Cam mentioned that Poole spent $500,000 on a date with Ice Spice.

“Jordan Poole, you spent $500,000 on an Ice Spice date. You’re a munch and you’re playing like a f-cking munch. This is not you from last year, bro. Go back to Milwaukee and figure it the f–k out and get back in the playoffs ’cause you look crazy,” he said. “A lot of n-ggas don’t know Jordan Poole was in the G League and then he had the comeback, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, n-gga got his just due.’ Now, you a munch. I better see a f-cking difference.”

Mase chimes in, bringing up a specific play of Poole attempting to do an in-and-out dribble, but it ends with him running into someone. Cam concludes that his play has suffered because he’s trying too hard to impress Ice Spice.

“‘Cause he’s erratic. What happens is this: when you start dating the Ice Spice’s, the people, they say, ‘Boo watching.’ ‘Let me get all crazy ’cause boo [watching].’ She don’t give a f-ck, she from the Bronx, bro,” Cam added.

Aside from Poole denying the date ever happened, Ice Spice never even addressed the rumor.

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