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Houston Rockets v Brooklyn Nets

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Carmelo Anthony May Be Leaving the Rockets.

At least that’s what the team’s coaching staff says. According to ESPN, they believe that Anthony—who’s been absent for two games due to an “illness”—won’t be returning.

“Despite general manager Daryl Morey decrying speculation about Anthony’s future as ‘unfair,’ the Rockets could place Anthony on waivers as soon as Monday,” ESPN writes. But Morey has hope. He stated ahead of the team’s win over the Indiana Pacers on Sunday:

“One of the reasons I’m here, besides it’s 10 games in, about, is I think there’s just a lot of unfair-like rumors and everything going around about him. He’s been great with us. As Coach [Mike D’Antoni] said yesterday, his approach has been great. He’s accepted every role Coach has given him — starting, off the bench, whatever it’s been.”

A New Weeknd Album Is on the Way.

“I want you guys to be the first to know that I’m working on my new album right now,” Abel told fans during the launch of Hxouse, his new creative imprint, last week. “Chapter VI coming soon. Let’s get it.”

As you may recall, he blessed listeners with My Dear Melancholy to the joy of many earlier this year. Chapter VI will be his first full-length album since Starboy, which dropped in 2016.

Let’s get it, indeed.

If You’re Feeling a Little Low, You Should Probably Put Your Phone Down.

That’s because—according to a new study—Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are all linked to depression. No wonder you sometimes feel a little anxious after scrolling through your timeline. Melissa Hunt, a psychology professor at University of Pennsylvania who led the study, called the findings “striking.”

“What we found over the course of three weeks was that rates of depression and loneliness went down significantly for people who limited their (social media) use,” she told Market Watch.

And while the study didn’t really explain the reason why this is, Hunt did provide a couple explanations: the “downward social comparison”—which makes you feel like “your life sucks in comparison” to those you follow—and, of course, good ol’ FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

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