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NBA free agency is five days away with everyone wondering if injured Warriors Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson will test the market. Andre Iguodala, on the other hand, doesn’t seem worried at all, he revealed as much on CNBC’s show Power Lunch Monday (June 24) giving Knickerbocker fans something to worry about when he said “nobody’s going to the Knicks.’

Iguodala seemed very confident Durant and Thompson will be staying in the Bay Area opting not to bring their talents to NYC. He was so sure in fact he “chuckled” at the mere thought of the notion they would be leaving.

Knicks fans have been hoping that KD would come to the Garden and rumors floating around suggested the two-time NBA Finals MVP was dead set on rocking the orange and blue. But if you take Iguodala at his word that is a foregone conclusion and his brother is more than likely going to re-up with Warriors, and if he does, he’s looking at a max contract while he rehabs and all signs indicate the team is willing to make that offer. But, Bleacher Report shared a report from Ric Bucher that Durant is not too happy with his current squad following his Achilles injury.

While he gave the impression that the Warriors core is going to remain intact, he did say that if both Durant and Thompson decide to leave, they would still be his brothers. So nothing is definitely for sure, and we will have to wait and see when free agency beings on June 30. Stepping away from killing Knicks fans hopes and dreams, when asked who is tougher to guard Kawhi or LeBron? He admitted that while Leonard is a tough matchup, James is excellent at elevating his teammates, but he eventually ended giving Kobe all the props as a tough defensive assignment.

You can watch the entire the Power Lunch segment featuring  Iguodala below.

Photo: Michael Reaves / Getty