The first round of play-in games has come to a close, and it’ll be yet another postseason that the Golden State Warriors won’t be appearing in. Last night, the four-time champions took on the Sacramento Kings for the right to enter the playoffs. One of the biggest culprits for spoiling the Warriors’ season was Keegan […]

Klay Thompson has no interest in splitting up from his fellow Splash Brother. It’s been no secret that Thompon’s play has diminished, and his stats are a far cry from his sharp shooting numbers from 2016. But leaving the Golden State Warriors to take his talents elsewhere has not crossed his mind. Thompson will be […]

Klay Thompson can relax and enjoy his birthday now that the NBA trade deadline has passed and he remains a Golden State Warrior. He turned 34 on Thursday. In recent days, rumors that he might be on the trading block proliferated, but it appears he’s staying with the team at least until the end of […]

The NBA is always gif and meme gold. One of those moments of the 2022-23 NBA season came during a rare moment when Klay Thompson was ejected on Oct. 25, 2022 during a game against the Phoenix Suns. Suns frontman Devin Booker was cooking the Golden State Warriors that day and Thompson let his competitive […]

Klay Thompson Tells The Story Of How He Got Busted For Weed In College

"Klay is a tremendous basketball player, one of my favorite guys to watch in the league. But one of the biggest things there is he was mad about having an 88 rating [for 3-point shooting in '2K23']... And you know who who he actually has to to sort of blame is his own teammate Stephen Curry." - Ronnie2K on the ESPN show "NBA Today"


"Put some respect on my name, you bums."