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Rick Ross Visits Music Choice

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Rap beef was once a staple of the Hip-Hop community, from Biggie and Tupac to Nas and Jay-Z, to Meek Mill and Drake, there have always been beefs that have added fuel to the fire of Hip Hop.

As Rap and Hip Hop grow and change, the feuds are becoming less and less important. Artists are starting to realize the power of their music, their relations, and the potential in collaborating with an artist with a brand as big as their own. Finally, artists are tapping into the better parts of Hip-Hop. Now, of course, everyone loves a good beef every now and then, but we must transition beyond the era of talented, gifted individuals risking their lives over something that is, in the grand scheme of life, so irrelevant.

There’s enough money in the industry for everybody to eat. This isn’t a sport, market earnings aren’t capped, roster spots are not limited, literally everybody can get a piece of the pie.

It’s very refreshing when artists like Rick Ross, Pusha T, Lil Wayne, can put their personal vendettas aside and focus on getting to the loads of cash that are out there.

Ross came into the game when Young Money Cash Money Billionaires moved their operation to Miami in the mid-2000’s, they became very familiar with Rozay and over the years, he appeared on features for just about every one of their artists. The Boss himself considers Wayne to be one of his close friends. You may remember back in 2014 when Wayne was going through his battle with Birdman, Ross stood up for Wayne.

Rick Ross is the one rapper linking all of Pusha, Wayne, and Drake, all of who notably have beef with each other. Now Ross is using that connection to completely move past all the beef. Ross has even gotten Wayne and Pusha T on a song together on his new album Port of Miami 2.

“I put this record together without each one of them not knowing just to spark that conversation,” Ross explains near the 18-minute mark. “Because I feel like if there’s anybody that should do it, it should be me.”

Ross continued to say “Me being on Pusha’s album, me always being on Wayne’s album, me always being on Drake’s album. And me understanding it and looking at it from a real boss perspective. And I felt like the differences they had, that just came from Wayne being a soldier to his big homie, whatever differences Pusha may of had with Stunna. And I felt like Drake was being a soldier to his big homie, so is it really personal? And whatever was said, it’s over with.”

Ross discussed a lot more in his sit down with Real 92.3 and even talked about his new album Port of Miami 2, which is expected to release August 9th.