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Subscription services are all the rage, and now Nike is taking that leap into the subscription market. The sneaker and apparel giant announced its new Nike Adventure Club just for kids ages two and 10. When it launches, parents will have three options to continually supply sneakers for their growing children.  For $20 a month you can get four pairs of sneakers, six pairs for $30 and 12 pairs for $50 a month. Nike boasts parents will be able to choose from a selection of around 100 sneakers.

With this latest move, Nike is hoping to grab the attention of “time-strapped” parents who live in the suburbs and rural areas who don’t happen to have sneaker stores conveniently located near them.

In a statement made on Nike’s news site Dominique Shortell, Director of Product Experience and Retention for Nike Adventure Club added:

“In providing footwear, we’re always trying to answer, ‘What do kids want?’ But an equally important question is, ‘What kind of experience are we providing for their parents?’ We want to make shopping for footwear as convenient as possible for them.”

They also broke down exactly how it will work:

•    Nike Adventure Club serves kids through sizes 4C to 7Y. (That’s roughly from age 2 to 10.)

•    Choose from three tiers of subscription services, ranging from four pairs a year to 12 pairs a year. You’re free to upgrade, downgrade, or pause your subscription at any time.

•    Choose from more than 100 different sneaker styles, ranging across the spectrum of performance and sportswear.

•    If you like the shoe, you can keep the pair. If you’re ready to replace it, send it back, and Adventure Club will ship the next pair of your choosing. Nike Adventure Club will either donate or recycle the returned sneaker.

Sneakers will not be the only thing the subscription service will provide. Along with the kicks, it will also come with exclusive adventure guides that are full of outdoor games and activities that parents can do alongside their kids. The guides are a collaboration between Nike and KaBoom, a national nonprofit with the sole purpose of ensuring children lead active lifestyles.

If this is successful and chances are high, it will be, one can assume that Nike is testing this to see if the idea will work in the adult footwear department. Would you subscribe if Nike introduced this idea for adults? Let us know in the comment section below.

Photo: Nike / Nike Adventure Club