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Despite being born without any arms or legs, Coach Rob Mendez isn’t looking for any sympathy. Mendez also doesn’t let the fact that he is differently-abled slow him down. His determination to live his life and coach youth football earned him the 2019 ESPY Jimmy V Award for Perseverance. He captured the hearts of Americans after delivering his motivational and emotional acceptance speech.

Mendez, who has been a Samsung Galaxy Note user since 2010 linked up with the Korean tech giant to talk about what motivates him daily. He also was introduced to Samsung’s newest flagship model, the Galaxy Note10+, and described how the smartphone helps make his life easier on and off the football field.

Before the Note, Mendez reveals talking with Samsung he didn’t use a smartphone capturing everything by either writing it down or having someone take a photo for him. He praises the smartphone for making things more convenient for him on the football field.

“I didn’t have a smartphone. I would write on a notebook, take a picture of it, or have assistance from someone that worked with me take a picture of it, and then I would email every coach my game plan. I was able to figure things out and work around it. But having this technology right here and on hand, or I should say on my nose, it’s more convenient and more of a time-saver so I can just do things instantly on the football field and take notes and share them instantly.”

In the video, Mendez can be seen utilizing the Note10+’s new Bluetooth S-Pen to write down notes as well as draw up plays his players can use on the device.

“I got introduced to Samsung in 2012, it was the Note II. It was a game-changer, mainly because I liked the pen. I was like, “Wow, I can do that.” What really impressed me with this technology, that I was able to do anything and everything. I didn’t have to ask anyone to help me pull out a notebook or a whiteboard while coaching — I can actually draw the football plays too. It’s enabled me to do things that I was not able to do prior to when the Note came out.”

While most people herald the latest devices for their cameras, this is a clear example of how technology can make life better for individuals. Salute to Coach Rob Mendez for pushing the #WhoSaysICant mantra and being an example for many to look up to. Head here to see his full interview with Samsung and check out the video profile below.

Photo: Samsung / Samsung Mobile