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When you’re inviting someone over to “Netflix and Chill,” you kind of know sex is a possibility. Stay ready. Preparing for an episode isn’t just responsible (think protection). It’s a must if you want things to go smoothly. Still, since some folks will feel offended if there is an assumption that something will go down, discretion is everything.

Here are five musts that will keep your place wired for whatever pops off.

Play another slow jam

Having a killer playlist on deck, filled with classic and modern love making tunes, keeps the romantic vibes percolating. Put in a little work and select at least 60 minutes worth of songs you want your partner to hear, like Justin Timberlake’s smash, “Until the End of Time.” The music may be playing low in the background but your partner will subconsciously pick up on the messages—even if they aren’t actively listening.

Condoms in an Altoids case

Inconspicuously placing the condoms within your reach is best when you’re not trying to look like you’re DTF. Empty a pack of Altoids into a ziplock bag and use the tin as a case for your condoms instead. This is an inexpensive way to keep protection within your reach without looking like you’re planning for sex to happen.

Massage oil candles

These candles are typically fragrant and made of oils that are safe to use in erotic massage, a natural aphrodisiac. Light one of these bad boys up before your partner comes over, and when they ask about the smell, show them the surprise waiting within its melted wax. Give your partner a demo of how the candle works by pouring some of the warm oil in the palm of your hand and massaging an exposed area of their body (hand, neck, shoulders). Put love and intention in your hand strokes, paying attention to areas that seem tense. Then you can follow up with the question, “Would you like to lay down so I can take care of the rest of your body?”

Satin scarves

These silky pieces of fabric look unassuming but can be used to bind wrists for kinky bondage play, blindfold for sensory deprivation or tie hair back during oral sex. Most importantly, they are inexpensive to purchase. Keep one handy and allow your erotic mind to explore creatively. Want to start your play? Ask your partner to blindfold you and play a little game of guessing what food is being placed in your mouth.

A sensual coffee table book

The Kama Sutra is the oldest manual known on how to make love and it is filled with colorful visual interpretations of sex acts in ancient Indian artwork. Placing a copy on your coffee table may kick off a conversation about the book’s content. The Kama Sutra won’t make you look like a hoe― you will appear to be a lover with an advanced skill level.