It's new interactive digital platform—a collaboration with—launched Tuesday.

'We Were Eight Years in Power' follows the acclaimed 'Between the World and Me'.

Check out the bad, the more bad and the bigly moments from this week in the Trump presidency:  Friday, June 16 Trump says he’s being investigated over firing former FBI director James Comey. But according to alternative facts, it’s gotta be a witch hunt. POTUS is with all his friends in Little Havana chipping away […]

“Ask Us Anything” The Casey Crew Hosted by DJ Envy and Gia Casey (Loud Speakers Network) Released: 6/7/2017 Available via iTunes, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud The couple devotes this week’s entire show to answering listener questions, offering tips on what to do when your Black child is being bullied in an all-white school, how to respond […]

New York Daily News reports Jose Cosme, 36—a Correction Department vet of nine years—pleaded guilty Thursday to sexually assaulting an inmate in a storage closet on Rikers Island.

Katy Perry is supposedly working through her cultural appropriation issues with the help of activist DeRay McKesson.

Ice Cube made sure Maher understood how his actions perpetuated blatant racism.