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Golden State Warriors v Boston Celtics

Source: Maddie Meyer / Getty

The Golden State Warriors are definitely at the tail end of their saga, but some fans are ready to put some nails in the coffin.

Sunday’s game against the Boston Celtics certainly didn’t help that narrative as the Warriors were utterly destroyed in a 140-88 loss.

It’s a major switch from the two teams that battled it out in the 2022 NBA Finals, as the Celtics boast their 11th win in a row while the Warriors can barely stay at .500 on the season and currently sit at ninth place in the West.

If you tuned into the game, you know it would be one for the ages, as Jaylen Brown poured in 19 points in just the first quarter with the Celtics ending with a 22-point lead, and it even ballooned to 44 points by halftime.

The 52-point win marks the third largest in Celtics history and their third 50-point win this season, after embarrassing the Brooklyn Nets a couple of weeks ago and Indiana Pacers late last year.

After the game, Brown was proud of the win but was still apprehensive about boasting about the accomplishment to keep things respectful.

“It feels great, but at the same time, it’s always within humility. At any given point, that can be us, and we don’t take the game for granted. We didn’t come out and mess around, and that’s just how we show our respect to the game,” Brown said. “We handle business and take care of it, but we don’t do it arrogantly. We do it with humility. And it’s a lot of respect for the Golden State Warriors, but we feel like it’s our time now.”

Steph Curry, who was once at the top of the world as the sharpshooter of the seemingly unbeatable team, missed all nine of his 3-point attempts, spoke about Father Time and the Warriors that once were.

“When you have a creative idea, and it doesn’t work, and you’re taking the ball out of the basket, and they’re hitting 10 threes in the first quarter. That’s what we used to do to teams,” Curry said. “It’s kind of demoralizing … then you feel like you have to play home run basketball on the other end to try to make it up, and that’s where the momentum shift kept going their way … every little play goes their way, and you look up, and you’re down 40. It’s one of those nights.”

As if it wasn’t a cringy enough loss, of course, social media had to pile on. See the reactions below.