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H&M long-term partnership with Heron Preston

Source: H&M / H&M

A new era is upon us at H&M, and we’ve got Heron Preston to thank for it.

The designer has signed a “long-term partnership” with the Swedish clothing brand as a Creative Menswear Advisorto urge it into a new generation of fashion

Heron will help lay the foundation for the company’s new platform, H2, by being the mastermind behind special collections and adding young talent into the fold to represent an influential generation properly. Preston will also mentor the younger designers and head up an innovation program.

He’ll have a focus on menswear and work with a creative team that H&M’s already got in place to up the customer experience.

For his actual designs, Preston wants to ensure the offerings are durable, adding to their longevity and ensuring they serve more than one purpose.

As for that young talent, the Parsons graduate isn’t going the traditional route and wants self-taught creatives brewing with their own unique ideas.

Lastly, with H2, the artist & DJ wants to add a sense of community to H&M’s new venture, enabling this experiment’s offerings to be experienced by the fashion community and being receptive to their feedback.

The San Francisco native knows the importance of accessibility, hearing the opinions on his offerings, and sees it as a chance for everyone to come together.

“I always say, the face of fashion is all of us. H&M speaks to so many different types of people around the globe and is a brand for everyone,” Preston said in a press release. “I love to push the boundaries of what’s possible and felt like they were really interested in doing that with me. I admire a company as big as H&M that wants to take risks together because our shared belief is that real change must ultimately happen at a scale that touches ‘everyone’.”

Preston was an instrumental part of streetwear’s upper-echelon appeal in the past decade, having been a co-founder of Been Trill alongside Virgil Abloh. Since, he’s working in Nike‘s marketing department, a lucrative partnership with NASA,  collaborated with Carhartt and founded his eponymous label, Heron Preston.

According to Hypebeast, Preston’s first designs with H&M will debut in a 40-piece collection next year.

See how social media is reacting to Preston’s latest appointment below.