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2023 McDonald's All American Game

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The Los Angeles Lakers have gotten off to a rough start this season, but they appear to be turning things around.

They’re finally back to .500, but it seems like the team’s leader, LeBron James had more important things to do after defeating former teammate Kyrie Irving.

The Lakers easily routed the Dallas Mavericks 127-110, as James scored 25 points, but upon the buzzer sounding, he rushed to the locker rooms, and it wasn’t to get a jump on grabbing a shower.

“I have to go catch my son’s game real quick,” James said after jogging off the court so he could get back in front of the TV.

He wasn’t joking because despite reporters crowding around him to get his opinions on the win, he was locked into the USC game against No. 12 Arizona.

After getting asked a question, he disregarded the reply for a second as he yelled at the TV, telling Bronny to “shoot it” and commending him on a good pass.

The line of questioning temporarily turns to Bronny, with LeBron saying he’s “doing well” but doesn’t have the same level of optimism for USC, adding that “they’ve been better.”

Even as a beat reporter asks about Anthony Davis’ stellar performance of almost etching two triple-doubles in as many nights, LeBron can’t help but peer at the TV.

“He’s learning from me. How to pass out of the post. He’s serious, he’s working on it,” he says of Bronny.

Then when asked about a scoring run the Lakers went on in the third quarter, LeBron apologized after yelling, “God Damn It,” because USC missed an easy layup.

King James even gets silent momentarily when asked if it’s more challenging to lose an NBA game or watch Bronny chart his college career.

“Watching college basketball alone is tough, and then you add my son in there, it’s even… Yeah, yeah. It’s hard to watch,” he says before speaking on the specifics of college ball. “Yeah, I’m a dad but also love the game of basketball, and college basketball is just … like 10 people in the paint at the same time. It’s very hard at times to watch. USC is a great program and Arizona is a great program. You get an opportunity to watch some good basketball in this game.”

Bronny’s dad didn’t just anticipate the game; Kevin Durant was even spotted courtside.

The USC freshman went scoreless in his first start, but in Wednesday’s game, he scored 11 points and led the team with six assists. The Trojans, however, were easily beaten by the Wildcats, 82-67

Social media loved seeing LeBron in ultimate dad mode and even had the jokes ready. See the reactions below.