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'Squid Game: The Challenge' Is Not Going Over Will With Fans

Source: Courtesy of Netflix / Squid Game: The Challenge

Netflix is trying to capitalize off the success of its 2021 hit original thriller Squid Game by turning it into a real-life game show, which is not being well-received at all. 

On Monday, October 23, Netflix dropped the first trailer for Squid Game: The Challenge. Like the show, 465 real players enter the competition in hopes of winning a life-changing $4.65 million.

The “contestants” will compete in a series of challenges directly inspired by the series of the same name, like the infamous red light, green light game that featured the actors trying to avoid being seen by a large animatronic girl, plus “surprising new additions.”

Also, Squid Game: The Challenge will be a reality series that builds on the drama between teammates. We will see contestants team up and form partnerships to reach their goals, just like in the show, and eventually stab each other in the back to win the prize money while competitors are eliminated.

X Users Are Not Feeling Squid Game: The Challenge Already

While the folks at Netflix think they have a new hit worthy of binging on their hands, and possibly they do, because people do hate-watch things, users on X (formerly known as Twitter) are bashing the show.

Young Love and Hair Love creator Matthew A. Cherry didn’t mince words when responding to the trailer, writing in a post on X, “Never in my life have a seen a more tone deaf production.”

“The whole purpose of the show was suppose to be against this. Netflix is greedy,” another user on X wrote. 

Another post on X read, “We’re getting closer to the hunger games being a reality and honestly never thought I’d say that.”

It sounds like Netflix didn’t read the room with this show. Will you be tuning in on November 22, when the show premieres globally?

Until then, you can see more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix / Squid Game: The Challenge

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