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Oklahoma City, St. James Cathedral

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A white pastor at the Matoaka Baptist Church of Ochelata in Oklahoma has just gotten himself and his church ousted by the Southern Baptist Convention, the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, according to the Associated Press. Why was he ousted? Because he’s one of many Caucasians who aren’t imaginative enough to figure out how to dress as a Black person without smearing black paint all over his face. And, as usual, he’s claiming his use of blackface is not racist at all.

Meet Pastor Sherman Jaquess.

Jaquess apparently likes Ray Charles. Jaquess also has no apparent idea what Ray Charles looks like. Either he’s a blind white man trying to depict a blind Black man or he’s yet another racist white person who thinks black polish and a curly wig will suffice as a generic “Black person” costume when cosplaying any Black figure.

Just look at this ultra-caucasified white nonsense here.

What in the Sambo Ronald McDonald meets Bozo the Reconstruction Era Clown is going on here? Who TF is this supposed to be?

Sherman Jaquess defended his blackface performance, which took place during a Valentine’s Day church event in 2017, by saying people were only bringing it up because he has spoken out against drag shows in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. In other words, costumed drag performers are a weapon of the Devil but a white man parading himself around dressed like white people’s weird caricaturized perception of what Black people look like is perfectly fine.

“If it had been done in a derogatory or hateful manner, that would be one thing, but the church was full of people. Nobody took it as a racial slur,” Jaquess said. This man really called himself depicting Charles while dressed like a lawn jockey in a Prince wig, and he doesn’t think he did anything “derogatory.” OK.

Sherman Jaquess also defended himself by asking, “How can you portray Ray Charles if you’re not a Black man?” Well, first, your little grown-up Chucky doll dipped in tar costume does not remotely resemble a Black man. Secondly, “Black man” isn’t a costume. Third, Black kids have been dressing up like white characters for Halloween for generations, and you don’t see them covering their faces in mayonnaise in order to portray Superman.

By the way, since Jaquess apparently has such a big problem with drag, he should probably explain why he also appeared at an event dressed as an indigenous woman.


Yeah—this is definitely a pastor who likely only believes in white Jesus, which means he’s probably never going to wear that costume. 

See how social media’s reacting below.