Colin Kaepernick

Jenkins joined the call for Goodell and the NFL to acknowledge and apologize to the blacklisted quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, who started the kneeling protest.

Some people will never be able to grow beyond their ignorance — and New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees seems to be one of those empty-minded, unenlightened, backward people.

Kaep is right on time as the city's Third Precinct was set on fire during protests, in addition to reports of looting and more.

Kaep has given his life to the fight against police brutality in America, so it's no surprise that he's speaking up against the tragic murder of George Floyd.

Protesters hit the streets demanding that officers involved in the death of Floyd, 46, to be charged with murder.

Colin Kaepernick put down the football and picked up a pen. The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback turned activist announced that he is dropping a memoir that will be released later this year that 32-year-old professional athlete announced on Thursday (Feb.13). Also announced in the press release, Kaepernick Publishing, which was founded in 2019 has inked […]

Nike‘s partnership with Colin Kaepernick has delivered a dope merch collection, a poignant commercial and now a dope sneaker collaboration. Kaep took to Twitter to announce that his Air Force 1 is releasing today (December 23). The clean colorway is outfitted with an entirely black upper, save for a faded swoosh and Kaep’s face on […]

Earlier this month it was announced that Stephen A. Smith is all set to become ESPN’s highest paid sportscaster, a simultaneous win and loss as Smith isn’t necessarily what one would call a progressive voice for the culture. In fact, his most recent comments aimed at Colin Kaepernick have just about everybody looking at him […]

Colin Kaepernick’s Saturday workout in Atlanta obviously didn’t go as planned and now sports pundits and celebrities alike are choosing sides. There’s clearly distrust and miscommunication from both sides– from the NFL’s language in the waiver Kap was asked to sign, to Kap’s team changing the location of the workout just hours before it was […]