Colin Kaepernick

NFL announces new social justice committee ahead of the Super Bowl, but leaves out Colin Kaepernick again.

The athlete/activist is bringing his pledge to a resounding close, and he's bringing help.

The year is 1990. The Gulf War just started. I don’t understand much of it, but I am able to gather from the news that Sadaam Hussein is bad, from my parents that (the first) President George Bush is also bad, and from both sources that a lot of young men will die. Winnie Cooper’s […]

It wasn't a dull year on the field, on the court, and "in" the court.

Let’s try to see Kap outside of the white gaze. He’s a person. An American.

Beyoncé made a surprise appearance to present Colin Kaepernick with the Sport's Illustrated Muhammad Ali Legacy Award.

“I am proud to be able to present this to Colin for his passionate defense of social justice and civil rights for all people,” Lonnie Ali, Muhammad’s widow, told Sports Illustrated.