The fairy tale has finally ended for coach Deion Sanders and his Colorado Buffaloes.  After a 3-0 start, the Buffs have notched their first loss after taking on the Oregon Ducks. It didn’t surprise true college football fans as the Ducks are among a small pool of teams often in contention for a national championship, […]

Taylor Rooks traveled to Boulder, Colorado to talk to Deion Sanders the same way everyone else in the sports world has gravitated to the epicenter of the sports world recently

Deion Sanders is naturally one of the most braggadocious athletes in history, with the resume to prove it. Now that he’s touting an undefeated 3-0 record as the Colorado Buffaloes head coach, the trash-talking has been immaculate. It’s even made its way off the field and into a recent interview with 60 Minutes. Prime was […]

If you've been following the Colorado Buffaloes since Deion Sanders started coaching the Power 5 team this year, then you know his skills as a motivational speaker.