One thing to know about Beyoncé—she has never been shy about letting it be known that she is proud to be Black. While many Black people in America and across the globe honored Juneteenth, which commemorates the emancipation of enslaved people in the United States, the “6 Inch” singer was celebrating the festivities by representing […]


Juneteenth has long been celebrated by Black people, but thankfully its finally been recognized by the government. While most are glad it’s now a federal holiday, at what cost did it come? A new three-day weekend in the summer amid Memorial Day and Labor Day is great, but should everyone get that extra Monday in […]

In 2021, President Joe Biden passed the bill that made Juneteenth a federal holiday. Now, the White House is celebrating by hosting their first-ever Juneteenth concert on Tuesday.

The latest edition of the Poetic Justice Cypher series is in honor of Juneteenth.


Black Americans have shared so much with the world.

Black-owned businesses affected by the COVID-19 global pandemic are getting a boost from Yelp.

The Front

Details regarding memorial services for XXXTentacion are forthcoming.