Dwyane Wade and his youngest son, Zion, have often been on the receiving end of harsh criticism from the public based on Zion’s appearance. Zion Wade has been seen on multiple occasions wearing nails, nail polish, dresses, and other items typically deemed women’s clothing. Wade also tweeted out a picture earlier this year of Zion, […]

Ryan Russell, former defensive end in the NFL, has revealed in a telling video posted to ESPN that he is a bisexual man. Russell reveals this news as he intends to make a comeback into the NFL since last playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2017. “Have I lied to teammates, coaches, trainers, front-office […]

Jaime Bruesehoff: “This bill is so important for our young people."

There have been many progressive gains for trans folks in prison over the past couple of years, including receiving gender confirmation surgery, access for hormones, and access to prisons that align with their gender identity—but there are some in politics that are trying to make that progress disappear. In November, Michigan state legislator Beau LeFave […]

Who thought that we’d ever see Shane from The L Word teaching the future leaders of America…even if it’s on television? Freeform announced on Friday that Katherine Moennig will be making a guest appearance as a lesbian gender studies professor on grown-ish.  According to Advocate, Moennig will play Professor Paige Hewson, who is described as “openly […]

Shade just sashay-ed her way into the comic book universe.

Gretchen Whitmer is already making a world of difference for her state.

It's important that we remain critical of the larger systems that continue to oppress us.

Could we see another wave of gay conversion therapy bans in 2019?