Scottie Scheffler may be on the golf course now, but his situation is vastly different from the one he was in just a few hours ago. Early this morning, ESPN’s Jeff Darlington released a video of Scheffler getting arrested around 6 am. Authorities say he was detained for attempting to drive around a fatal car […]

Drake and LeBron James have connected to make magic before, and now they’re doing the same for the golf course. The cultural icons, along with Chris Pratt, are among a group of wealthy celebrities who are investing upwards of $3 billion into the PGA Tour. The hefty investment comes as the Tour is flipping to […]

Money talks, even regarding the PGA’s disdain for LIV Golf. The PGA resisted working with LIV Golf in any capacity for years because the former is backed and funded by Saudi Arabians. The tour disagrees with the Saudis’ views on human rights, which are controversially involved in the killing of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi. […]

PGA Tour 2K23 hits store shelves in a couple of weeks