(Legal) sports betting may become immensely popular as more states allow it, but there continues to be a subset of individuals who shouldn’t partake in the addicting pastime. You know, like those employed by professional teams and directly impact scores. However, some people still get caught up, with the latest being Kayshon Boutte. The New […]


This week sports history may have been made as ESPN dropped Barstool and entered into a new deal with Penn Entertainment.

Few things can get you in trouble with the NFL, like simultaneously being an active player and gambling. Unfortunately, Indianapolis Colts Isaiah Rodgers and Rashod Berry and free agent Demetrius Taylor found that out the hard way. The league heavily frowns upon players placing bets, so the three of them are suspended throughout the 2023 season and possibly longer. Tennessee […]


Bradley Beal is under police investigation for smacking a fan's hat off his head after a brief exchange during a game against Orlando Magic.

The Associated Press reports he was not gambling on NFL games and has been fully cooperative with the NFL’s investigation

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Calvin Ridley has been suspended for the 2022 season by the National Football League for gambling on league games during the 2021 season. The suspension, announced Monday, claims Ridley made those bets while away from the team for personal reasons related to his mental well-being.


Online sports betting is scheduled to be available in New York early in 2022, giving millions of residents of the Empire State one less reason to slum it over to “Dirty Jersey” to get their gambling fix. This is a major win for the sports betting enthusiast who are sick of making the reverse commute into the Garden State. However, it’s an even bigger win for the legions of New Yorkers who have patiently waited for the opportunity to place their first legitimate wager with an online sportsbook in the United States (to say nothing of the tourists that can add to their fun by placing a live wager during intermission of their first Broadway play).