Back to School with David Banner – Episode 2

On the first episode of Back To School With David Banner, we got a peek into David Banner‘s journey of revisiting his alma mater, Southern University.

He spoke on how the Louisiana-based HBCU influenced his professional and personal development, learning the ins and outs of politics and maturing as a young man.

Now, in the second episode, we catch Banner surprising teacher Ms. Laurie while she’s in the middle of a lecture. After the class erupts, he proceeds to impart knowledge to the youth.

“My name is David Banner. I don’t care what you think about me, just think,” he begins.

He then asks everyone to raise their hands if they want to be millionaires, and while most raise their hands, Banner educates them that their “why” has to be bigger than them to truly help change the world.

“That’s usually the answer that most people give. ‘My family. My friends. Me. I.’ And one of the problems with our community is if you look at our neighborhood, everybody has a plan for our neighborhood, but us. Everyone has a plan for your education, but us. And you,” he says.

He continues to preach the importance community plays in entrepreneurship, and the stark difference between attending predominately white institutions and HBCUs boils down to teaching methods.