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We don’t have all the details tet regarding the tragic passing of 21-year-old rapper Juice WRLD, but Boosie BadAzz knows who to blame. Sitting down with “culture vulture” DJ Vlad, Boosie gave his opinion on the whole situation that resulted in the death of one of Hip-Hop’s rising stars.

While Juice’s friends believe the rapper was a victim of racial profiling, during the VladTV interview, Boosie feels the “Lucid Dreams” rapper’s death is solely the fault of the pilot. Reports alleged that he dropped a dime on the rapper and his crew for bringing firearms on board the plane. The result was a search of the aircraft once they landed at Chicago’s Midway Airport with Juice learning of the impending probe and reportedly ingesting several pills to evade trouble leading to his fatal seizure.

Boosie admits he never met the rapper but stated: “I DM’d him a couple times, but I ain’t never get to meet him face-to-face.” He went to add that since Juice WRLD’s death, he has been learning more about him saying “This dude’s had talent since middle school. Like, this dude been knew he was destined to be great.”

Following Vlad adding that these new rappers are only famous after they “catch a wave” by getting face tats and going viral by doing ridiculous online stunts (hey Tekashi), he quickly separated Juice WRLD from that group. Boosie angrily followed that up by going off on the pilot for “snitching” and that someone needs to put hands and feet on him.

“I would beat that f*ckin’ pilot ass. Somebody need to beat that f*ckin’ pilot ass, bro. The one who told the f*ckin’ people they had guns on the plane. B*tch, you shouldn’t…you the one [who] made the people come search the plane. That’s why he swallowed the sh*t.”

After a few more digs at the pilot, Boosie questioned why would a rapper who is making millions have his crew smuggling 70 pounds of weed into Chicago. The “Wipe Me Down” rapper then went on to say that young rappers who pull in so much money tend to make poor decisions.

“You don’t make the right decisions when you gotta lotta money and you young. That money will f*ck you up, dawg. Millions of dollars at f*ckin’ 19, 20-years-old? Bro. R.I.P. Juice WRLD. That was some f*cked up sh*t, dawg.”

Well, you can’t be mad at Boosie Badazz for “keeping it real” and telling us how he feels about the situation. We still going to wait for all of the facts to come out. You can watch the clip below.

Photo: Thaddaeus McAdams / Getty