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As your beard line begins to creep up your cheek towards your eyes, you’ve wanted to hit up your barber— and you’re not the only one.

Barbershops are closed, so a man in Brooklyn recently took his business outside to give his costumers much-needed cuts. That’s right, a BK barber decided to set up shop over the weekend and take advantage of the beautiful unseasonably warm weather. The 30-second clip shows the gentleman at Ocean Parkway, between Brighton Beach and Ocean View avenues in Brighton Beach, according to the NY Post.

The clip shows the barber cleaning up his latest patron before ceremoniously ripping the barber cape off of him. Hilariously, the customer appears to get up and immediately checks out his new cut in the window of a nearby minivan to make sure it was up to snuff. The barber– who’s wearing a mask– then begins to wipe off the chair before the next customer takes a seat. There appeared to be others waiting for their turn to hop in the chair but did maintain a decent distance from each other, as one sat on a bench and another stood around.

NYC’s hair salons, barbershops, and tattoo parlors have all been closed by Governor Andrew Cuomo since March 21 because they aren’t deemed essential businesses despite many wishing they were. With barbershops closed, many have attempted to cut their own hair or just given up on trying since they aren’t in public. Stars like Diddy, DJ Khaled, and Kevin Hart have even been the subject of jokes on Twitter because the grey hairs they’ve been dying are now on full display.

We’re just happy they’re practicing social distancing. If you’re down to trim yourself up, we’ve got you covered.