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GOAT Establishes $1 million Fund To Support Social Justice Efforts

Source: GOAT / Brooklyn Nets

Add online sneaker marketplace, GOAT to list of companies stepping in the fight against social and racial injustice. 


GOAT announced today (Jun.5), it will be establishing a $1 million fund to support social justice efforts. In a press release the company stated:

Over the last week, we’ve taken a step back from our business to reflect on the role we play in the fight against social and racial injustices. We looked closely at what it means to be truly and actively supportive of the Black community, and the real steps necessary to impact change.”

The company will be kickstarting its campaign with a $100,000 donation to The Underground Museum in Los Angeles to support Black artists and to The Bail Project to support protesters demanding change.

That’s real.

GOAT further added in its press release:

“As a company, we have the privilege and responsibility to be a part of the solution. We must continue to advocate and move forward in this fight, devoting our time, energy, and resources to support change. We will show up, speak up, and encourage dialogue, and we will keep our ears and our hearts open to our employees as well as to our community.”

Like George Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter Gianna said, her dad definitely did change the world. His tragic death, along with the senseless murders of Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery, has inspired the world to push for a necessary change in how law enforcement polices Black people and bringing an end to racism across the globe.
Salute to GOAT.
Photo: GOAT / Brooklyn Nets