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Yes, you could stunt with the blacked-out Cadillac Escalade on Uber Black, but what if you pulled up on a boat instead?

Uber has made an announcement that the company will be offering a commuter boat service that will be bookable through the same app you can reserve a ride and its launching in London first.

“Uber Boat” is expected to launch this summer and will consist of a 20-strong fleet of boats that will offer journeys up and down the River Thames’ existing 23 piers. The route will take you from Putney to Woolwich, boarding will be granted through a QR code.

Piers, docks, and boats will be rebranded, and users will have the ability to purchase tickets on the app. The use of this method of transportation is expected to surge as residents look for alternatives to the overcrowded standard bus and train amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Passengers will be required to wear face masks in line with Transport for London (TfL) guidance, and staff will have PPE. To make the service even more enticing, the pricing for the boat service is going to be similar to the price of the vehicle.

“Many Londoners are looking for new ways to travel around the city, particularly when they start commuting back to work,” said Uber’s Northern and Eastern Europe boss Jamie Heywood.

Oh, and if you really want to stunt, don’t forget about Uber’s helicopter service.

In other Uber news, the company has announced the launch of a perk where the delivery fee on Black-owned restaurants will be waived while using Uber Eats, according to an email titled “Uber Stands With The Black Community” that went out to customers Thursday night. The price cut will remain active throughout 2020.

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