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Philadelphia 76ers v Miami Heat

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Everyone tried to point fingers at Jimmy Butler, but there’s obviously a method to his madness.

While playing for the Chicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves, and Philadephia Sixers, he was often the boisterous person in the locker room. He was thought to be the issue that prevented teams from gelling. Now, he’s found his groove amongst the Miami Heat, and after being the fifth seed out of the East and having just a 2.3 percent to make the 2020 NBA Finals, he got the job done.

After beating the odds, the Pacers, the Bucks, and most recently the Celtics, the Butler-led squad received some much deserved praise from South Florida legend Dwyane Wade. Wade has been vocal during the Bubble playoffs, tweeting, “Iam so fucking happy for Jimmy right now.”

Butler knows what Wade means to the team and was more than happy to receive such high praise.

Wade has been supporting his former team all season- with this being his first retired year of retirement. Before the bubble, Wade spoke on Butler allegedly being tough to work with, but was sure that he’d rise to the challenge and drown out the negativity.

“I don’t think Jimmy really cares about the perception that’s put out there. Jimmy knows who he is. He’s okay with that. He’s a guy who wants to win. He would do whatever it takes to do that. When you go from being unheard of, to being an All-Star, to being one of the best players in the game, you understand how much work you put in to do that,” Wade explained to Complex. “You want to bring others along as well with those work habits. Give me a Jimmy Butler on any team in my life and I know I’ll be successful.”

And successful they are. The Miami Heat will be taking on the LeBron James-led Los Angeles Lakers in the 2020 NBA Finals beginning September 30.

Who are you rooting for?