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Charles Barkley is no stranger to controversy, so we aren’t exactly surprised he’s still making headlines for fat-shaming people. Still, it isn’t okay. 

Over the summer, the Inside The NBA cohost was warned about his constant on-air weight jokes aimed at Texas women. Unhappy with the fact that he had to respect people, Barkley complained in a radio interview, saying “You can’t even have fun nowadays without these characters trying to get you canceled and things like that … I’m trying to hang on for another couple of years until I’m 60, and then they can kiss my ass.”

These days, problematic folks love to refer to “cancel culture” whenever they’re being held accountable — but the jig is up, Barkley.

Now, new footage of Barkley mocking Pelicans forward Zion Williamson is going viral. On Tuesday’s episode of Inside The NBA, footage of Williamson rehabbing on the court prior to the Pelicans game was shown. He’s put on some weight while recovering from a right foot fracture, plus surgery to repair it. Watching the footage, Barkley commented “It looks like me and Shaq had a baby,” adding the athlete is “eating good in New Orleans.”

Barkley went on to insist that “somebody has got to be a grown person… and say, ‘Yo man, you got to get in shape.’” See the viral video below.

If Barkley is so “concerned” about Williamson’s weight, why not have a serious conversation with him about his health privately, instead of throwing jabs on television? As the saying goes: hurt people hurt people.