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50 Cent Super Jam 2016

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50 Cent’s rise in Hip-Hop will most likely not be replicated ever again. A recent article confirms his come up in Hollywood is just as stellar.

This week The Guardian spotlighted the Queens, New York native’s success within the television world. Even though he hit it big with the gritty crime drama series Power in 2014 he waited many years for his seat at the table. Since 2005 he has lent his likeness to popular series like The Simpsons and Entourage but was given an excellent onboarding to what it takes to make award-winning material with his semi-autobiographical movie Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. 

Even though Power was a runaway hit in just a couple of episodes the media outlet argues that he still had to convince the Starz Network that the story of James St. Patrick’s double life deserved additional seasons. Thankfully the show quickly developed a cult following which in turn resulted in a noticeable spike in channel subscriptions. In turn Fif renegotiated his situation got a seat at the table with more control and say in his projects. “All the while Jackson has emerged as a super-producer in the style of Law & Order creator Dick Wolf, and Starz made their relationship with him official in 2018 with a four-year, $150m development deal. But, of course, 50 being 50, he won’t hesitate to hop on social media and needle his partners until he gets his way” the piece read.

In 2021 Jackson launched the highly anticipated BMF series. A week after it premiered Starz greenlighted a second season.

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