WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOOSE?? But the 2018 version.

On the latest episode of We Tried It, Cory and Sherrod are tasked with figuring out what’s inside the mystery box. Sherrod initially wanted to cut open the box, but for insurance reasons, we decided to let Cory do it. Besides, do you know how expensive it is to repair a puppet who accidentally cut off his own finger? Sherrod said he didn’t want to get blood everywhere, which means someone needs to tell him he’s full of sh*t because he’s full of cotton. But we digress.

After fighting through the cardboard, it’s discovered that Vibram’s FiveFinger shoes are tucked inside. Surely you’ve seen people rocking them before, right? The type of people who loudly and tearfully complain about Apple Care? Or the ones who call the cops when certain people sit in a Starbucks too long? Yup.

Sherrod convinces Cory to not only try the shoes on, but to walk around the office for people to clown him. He said he was embarrassed, but the jokes still needed to be shared. He was obviously tight that he didn’t get a ’fit off and the shoes weren’t his style either way.

And when the boys don’t like something, you know what that means— it’s blender time.

P.S. Sherrod would have tried on a pair, but they don’t make the shoes in toddler sizes.

We Tried It Toe Shoes

Source: iOne Video / iOne Video