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This date brought us a little closer

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We’re gonna be honest: when it comes to the tried and true date ideas—like dinner and a movie or drinks at your favorite spot—that basic sh*t is dead.

Yahoo Finance recently broke down the average cost of dating across the United States and the majority of the country averages around $100-$150 per date, with New York City topping the chart at a whopping $297.27. No matter where you live, that’s a ridiculous amount of money to pay as a twenty-something trying to secure a new partner.

So what should you do? Break away from the norm. You’re going to have to get a little bit more creative if you want to come through with the memorable moments. Check out some ideas we put together.

Coffee Shop

Now, some people might consider an outing like this corny. But if you truly want to lay a good foundation with someone, especially if they don’t drink, a nice coffee or tea shop is just the thing to win them over with a calm vibe and great convo—extra points if the cafe setting is IG-worthy.

Exercise Class

If you’re both able and into it, a 30- or 45-minute exercise class makes for a great date. This one is perfect for people who are super active, competitive, and or just want to flex for the one they’re trying to win over. You might not be able to chat much during this one, but hey, there’s always the protein shake-fueled cooldown afterward.


If you or your date is #NerdBae, we can assure you that there’s nothing you’ll love more than a trip to your local bookstore. Not only is this an amazing way to share interests, but you can learn so much about a person by the stories that catch their interest. After picking up some of your classic faves, you can grab a bite to eat or indulge in a happy hour if you have the time.

Cooking Class

This one can be as cheap as a YouTube or Cooking Channel tutorial you do at home with a bottle of wine or as elaborate as paying for a professional to teach you the ropes. This is also a great way to see how they fare with important life skills such as taking direction, teamwork, and other things you might want to know before getting in a committed relationship with someone.