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Celebrities, they’re just like us. When breakups happen, you not only have to say goodbye to the significant other you once loved, you have to say goodbye to your couple friends. No, not a couple of friends, but those friends you made as a couple.

In the case of Kayla Nicole, who until fairly recently was dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, none other than Taylor Swift may have come between the WAGS on the team. If you don’t speak sports gossip, a WAG is a wife or a girlfriend of a football or basketball or any other player in a sports league. Ciara Princess Harris Wilson, the wife of Denver Broncos star Russell Wilson, is the most famous of these women because she had her own career and celebrity before they met.

Kayla Nicole is a model, influencer, and OTV hostess who dated Kelce for about five years until rumors have it he either wouldn’t marry her or wouldn’t give her expensive gifts. Though neither one ever made a public statement confirming or denying it, they apparently broke up last year. To the bemusement of the football world,  Kelce has been seen twice publicly with superstar Taylor Swift, whose Eras tour this summer reportedly made a billion dollars. So expensive gifts won’t be an issue.

It is a bit of a departure for Kelce, whose stated preference (See his Pivot interview) tends to run to the browner edge of the color spectrum.

However, a billionairess is a billionairess.

Anyway, after Swift took Brittany Mahomes out for dinner with her crew of celebrity galpals, including actress Sophie Turner and Blake Lively, astute social media followers noted that Kayla unfollowed both Brittany and Patrick on social media.

At one point, Brittany and Kayla were so close that she helped Brittany pick out her wedding dress, was a bridesmaid in the Mahomes’ 2022 wedding, and was one of just eight women invited to Brittany’s bachelorette party.

But after Brittany’s public betrayal, it seems that Kayla has moved on from both, although the couple still follows her. As no one involved – Swift, Brittany, Patrick, Kayla, or Travis has publicly commented on the demise of Kayla and Travis’ relationship or of Brittany and Kayla’s friendship, we can only assume….that Patrick and Travis are still the best of teammates.

Other than that, Kayla seems publicly unbothered, posting thirst traps and going on about her business.

Hey, sometimes friendships go along with breakups, but all we can say is you must choose both wisely.

T Swift, do you hear us?