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If you thought the video footage that shows former NFL star Cam Newton fighting off a group of young men who tried to jump him at a youth football event was alarming, wait until you see footage of former quarterback Vince Young appearing to get knocked out during a bar brawl. According to TMZ Sports, […]

Late yesterday afternoon, news broke that the allegations of rape, sex trafficking and sexual abuse against Diddy have reached new levels. He may have settled with Cassie but is fighting several other cases. Now, the music mogul’s two homes in Los Angeles and Miami have been raided by local authorities and Homeland Security. In a statement, […]

We can't say we foresaw these two being linked, but here we are.

It may be Women's History Month but it seems like where Beyoncé is concerned, people get easily triggered by whatever she does.

Former NBA superstar Paul Pierce became the victim of a burglary Friday night after his Los Angeles home was robbed, and thieves reportedly got away with multiple luxury watches and more than $100,000 in cash, according to TMZ Sports. Law enforcement officials told TMZ Pierce wasn’t at home when the break-in took place, and that […]


Houston Rockets superstar Jalen Green finally acknowledges the elephant in the room warming up in Draya Michele's oven. 

After narrowly escaping jail following his domestic assault allegations, Jonathan Majors may have to head back to court. The former Marvel actor is now being sued by his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, who claimed he allegedly assaulted her and committed battery and defamation against her several times during their relationship, which lasted from 2021 to 2023. […]

Former CNN personality Don Lemon thought he had a lucrative deal set with Elon Musk, the unpredictable billionaire who owns Tesla and X, formerly Twitter. The two agreed to terms for a 24-hour exclusive premiere of Lemon’s new self-titled online series. Musk was the show’s first interview. But that’s where the deal soured, as Lemon’s […]

Fresh off of killing the British monarch, users on social media next came for Bruno Mars after unconfirmed reports said that the music superstar owed $50 million to MGM Casinos. While the King Charles III rumors were spread by Russia, per multiple reports, the ones about Mars at first seemed credible considering that he’d had […]

NBA star John Wall has dealt with some challenges in his life both on and off the court. In 2019, his beloved mother, Frances died of breast cancer. The now 33-year-old said his pain was intense, describing his mother as his “best friend.” In the wake of her death, Wall said that he put a […]

NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers is in the tinfoil hot seat once again, this time over allegations that he spread ridiculous false flag conspiracy nonsense regarding the 2012 Sandy Hook shooting during private conversations. Rodgers—a known anti-vaxxer who is no stranger to wild and baseless conspiracy theories and white tearsy crying over “wokeness”—hasn’t come right out […]

Leave it to 50 Cent to troll his main star, Michael Rainey Jr., after the young actor claimed he was blindsided by thew news of Power Book II: Ghost ending with season 4.