Judge Greg Mathis will be giving television viewers a look at his life outside of the courtroom in the new show "Mathis Family Matters", which airs on the E! Network. The show focuses on his life in Hollywood, California with his wife and all four of his children who are now living in the same city once again.

Don Cheadle and Andre Holland are in talks to join a new Apple TV series based on a "Playboy" article that focuses on Huey Newton's escape from a nationwide manhunt to Cuba, aided by a close friend and Hollywood producer.

A lot can happen in four years. Before the premiere of Season 3, the last time we’ve seen the cast of FX series Atlanta was in 2018. They’ve all gone from familiar faces on the small screen to bonafide superstars with prominent roles in Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters in breakout films such as Solo, The Eternals, […]

For the recap of 'Snowfall' season 5, episode 6, we explore how the expansive reach of the Mexican gang influence of the 1980s almost costs Franklin his life, and shows how his empire's expansion could find its way on the wrong turf.

In real-life, the 1980s saw gang-related murders increase to all-time highs in Los Angeles, primarily thanks to the rise of crack cocaine sales. In the fifth episode of 'Snowfall''s fifth season, Franklin and his family get caught in the crossfire of drive-by shootings in a wave of violence similar to the time period the show is based on,.

Actor Emilio Delgado, a staunch representative of Latinos on television due to his role as Luis on "Sesame Street" has passed away at the age of 81. He played the beloved owner of the Fix-It-Shop from 1971 on the series.

The fourth episode of the fifth season of 'Snowfall' sees the police harassment of Black neighborhoods during the crack epidemic of the 1980s mirror the martial law tactics implemented in real life, and it's only the beginning of the race war.

For the second episode of Snowfall's fifth season, the review explores the parallels between the problems facing the U.S. government in the show with the problems facing the U.S. government during the Iran-Contra conflict of the 1980s.

For the season five premiere of Snowfall, CassiusLife explores how the show's inclusion of college basketball star Len Bias's real death in 1986 is setting the stage for the crack epidemic to be exposed in the show similar to how it was in real-life.

For W. Kamau Bell, doing a series about the Bill Cosby scandal has had its challenges. In an interview with Page Six, he explains that it has been "hard to confront" given how much he as a comedian admires his legacy but was compelled to listen to the women the 84-year old has been accused of sexually assaulting.