"I hate to say it was a racial thing, but it really seems as though if my son was a different race they would have treated him right away," Hicks said.

"Develop a negative into a positive picture" -Lauryn Hill, "Everything Is Everything"

"5 dollar gas and poverty rates/ are rising much higher than your hourly rates/ So if you thinkin 'bout quittin you should probably wait/ Cuz everybody gotta do a fuckin job that they hate" - Phonte, "The Good Fight"

"Everything legacy left behind I do is for the 17-year-old version of myself." Virgil Abloh, late CEO of Off-White and men's artistic director for Louis Vuitton

The Rapper’s Cactus Jack Foundation announced today that it has awarded $1 million in scholarships for 100 HBCU students in the graduating class of 2022.

Beatrice Dixon, CEO and co-founder of The Honey Pot accused of replacing natural ingredients in her products with synthetic alternatives.

The women of the Delaware State University (DSU) lacrosse team say they were racially profiled by officers in Liberty County, Georgia and subject to a questionable search and seizure. Liberty County Sheriff William Bowman first said neither the women nor their items were searched, but new video tells a different story.

Elon Musk is now backpedaling on the Twitter deal. claiming he needs more proof that the platform's user base doesn't have more bots than it revealed to him. But numerous Wall Street insiders are claiming this is simply a stall tactic to drive down stock prices,

"We believe women’s breasts in all shapes and sizes deserve support and comfort. " - Adidas But apparently, the United Kingdom doesn't think everyone needs to see all the shapes and sizes of those breasts.

Lincoln College has announced that the institution will be closing its doors after 157 years. The Illinois-based HBCU has struggled to recover from low enrollment due to the pandemic and recently underwent a cyberattack that caused significant damage to the college’s technological infrastructure.

Patrisse Cullors, former leader of the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation, is still grappling with accusations that she and her organization misused millions in donations that were meant to aid the movement against systemic racism in America. Recently, Cullors sat down with the Associated Press to, once again, categorically deny that she misappropriated funds. […]