Pride Month

Queer Black men, both inside and outside of my family, have welcomed me and proven to me that I don’t have to choose between Blackness and queerness.

Cassius' Pride Month star is bringing boldness to her digital cover shoot and with her work as an activist for the LGBTQ+ community.

E very art form has its masters. Ones who personify the essence of the craft, and become its canon, the very standard by which all subsequent creators will be measured. Painting has its Picasso, film its Scorsese, and in the instance of the creative expression known as Voguing, that visionary is inarguably none other than the Iconic, Willi Ninja.

Pride Month

It’s an early Thursday morning in late May and I am on a video conference call virtually sitting alongside my friend, Angelica Ross, the actress, business leader, and unbossed champion for transformative justice.

Angelica Ross is Black, proud and crafting the future of her dreams and the culture's. It is easy to see why connections industry giant AT&T, a longstanding champion of diversity and equality, selected the CEO, activist and actress, amongst her many titles, to be a brand ambassador for both AT&T Dream In Black and the AT&T Turn Up The Love platforms. Ms. Ross is at the intersection of what both of these platforms celebrate which are Black and LGBTQ+ trailblazers and communities.


Actress and activist is's June 2021 cover star. We couldn't think of a better person to hold down our annual Pride Month cover as the POSE star's passionate battle for trans rights has garnered her admirers all over the world.