Imagine your Echo Dot screaming mother you know what at you in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice. It has become a reality, Amazon announced today (September 25) that legendary actor, is signed on to be Alexa’s first celebrity voice. During a significant project reveal in Seattle, the tech giant announced the new feature will be available […]

Apple Arcade is a $4.99/month subscription service that gives users access to 100 or more mobile games. According to Ars Technica, none of the games are microtransaction-driven titles. They are all premium titles, and many are from prestigious designers and studios like Zach Gage (SpellTower, Really Bad Chess), Snowman (Alto’s Odyssey), Dinosaur Polo Club (Mini […]

September has become synonymous with Apple’s annual event and 2019 didn’t disappoint. Apple got the announcements of the Apple Card,  and iOS 13 out of the way back in March and decided to focus on perfecting a few of its staple products that are sure to keep Apple fanboys and casual buyers salivating… until they can […]

Facebook is joining the dating pool.

Despite being born without any arms or legs, Coach Rob Mendez isn’t looking for any sympathy. Mendez also doesn’t let the fact that he is differently-abled slow him down. His determination to live his life and coach youth football earned him the 2019 ESPY Jimmy V Award for Perseverance. He captured the hearts of Americans […]

News broke today that sent ripples through the gaming world. Playstation has reportedly acquired video game developer Insomniac Games. Insomniac is responsible for creating classics like Spider-Man 4, Spyro the Dragon, as well as Ratchet and Clank. Insomniac CEO, Ted Price had this to say regarding the acquisition. “We’ve collaborated with Sony for more than 20 […]

Details have emerged regarding NBA 2K and their partnership with SpringHill Entertainment, the award winning content company reated by Lebron James and his business partner Maverick Carter. As part of their collaboration, the company will produce and have creative control over NBA 2K20’s MyCareer narrative: When The Lights Are The Brightest. SpringHill Entertainment has produced […]

Looks like Walmart has figured out how to stop mass gaming but not mass shootings. The company’s CEO Doug McMillon announced earlier in the week following the tragic incident in El Paso there would be a “thoughtful and deliberate” response. We now know what is, when the chain of “hypermarkets” announced its stores will remove […]

A little girl with hoop dreams should have the same opportunity to see herself in every interaction with the game.

Remember when they said playing video games is just a waste of time? Kyle Giersdorf, a 16-year-old competitive Fortnite player, outlasted numerous competitors and took home $3 million.  Giersdorf and others competed for $30 million in prize money over the weekend at the Fortnite World Cup that took place in New York at Arthur Ashe […]

The 6 God is making moves. Today (July 25) Drake secured a creative partnership with the SiriusXM Pandora. Considered the world’s largest audio entertainment company, the new union between the Grammy-Award winning artist and the company includes a dedicated station, curated music and collaborations with talent. The new partnership with Drizzy will be the first […]

If you live in China and want to get your hands on a pair of exclusive Jordans, Reeboks or YEEZYs grail shopping has gotten much easier for you. Online sneaker marketplace GOAT launched a version of its app on July 22 that is exclusive to the country. Alongside the app, a WeChat Mini Program was […]