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Now that the hype around Jimmy Butler‘s emo hairstyle has died down, there’s another former Chicago Bull‘s hairstyle to roast.

X now has its sights set on former NBA big man Carlos Boozer, for his very, very crisp beard.

Boozer was doing an ad for a betting company when fans got caught up in his look more than his parlays filled with extensive NBA knowledge.

“I’m partnering with Betway to kick off this NBA season and they’re hooking it up by boosting my picks for opening night. First up, I got the Suns covering the spread against the Warriors. Second pick I got the Lakers with the points against the Nuggets. Good luck!” the former Duke Blue Devil said with a smile, unaware of the onslaught of jokes that would come his way.

In the video, his normally full beard appears painted on with edges that are way too crisp. The crispness can be seen around his lips and perfectly etched along his cheekbones, without one follicle out of place.

All signs point to Boozer paying another visit to a barber and using semi-permanent hair dye to define his hairline. And we say another because Booz famously pulled a similar stunt back in 2012 while on the Chicago Bulls. He’d struggled with a receding hairline and played the previous season with a bald head but decided to try something different to reclaim his edges.

In 2015, he hilariously told the full story to ESPN’s Dan LeBatard and Bomani Jones on Highly Questionable, concerning the events that led up to his hairy situation.

“They came out with this — it’s like a hair dye, whatever, for men called Bigen. I had one guy who was like ‘yo, have you ever thought about growing your hair out?’ And I said ‘yeah I was thinking about it, until I saw some of these bald spots on my head,’ so I just cut my hair off. So he was telling me I could grow my hair out, cover it up a little bit, and make it look like I had a regular haircut. So I tried it, and it made [it] look like shoe polish up there,” he remembers. “This is like five years later and I’m still hearing about it …. I tried to shampoo that thing seven or eight times man. Listen, I went in the mirror. You get a cut, you’re thinking you’re looking a’ight, right? So I go to the mirror and think I’m gonna look fresh… and then I go to practice, right? It happened at night, so I go to the shootaround the next day and all my teammates were like ‘Booz, what did you do?!”

Boozer clearly didn’t let the hate he’s still receiving all these years later affect him.

See how social media’s reacting to his new beard below