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Shedeur Sanders’ first season as the Colorado Buffaloes’ quarterback didn’t end how he’d hoped.

The team finished with a 4-8 record after getting off to an impressive 3-0 start under Coach Deion Sanders, bringing a ton of attention and celebrities to the sold-out home games.

However, they went 1-8 in the weeks to follow, and Sanders couldn’t even suit up in the final game against the Utah Utes. We’re finally aware of the injury he sustained: a fractured back.


Shedeur revealed the news in a vlog from the family’s Well Off Media YouTube channel, run by his brother Deion Jr. As the brothers walk out from the tunnel and onto the field before the team’s 23-17 loss to Utah on Saturday, text on the screen reads, “He has a fracture in his back.”

“It’s crazy because I feel good, bro,” Shedeur tells his brother in the video. “But when I start running for real, it’s like the idea is like, ‘Ah, I feel good,’ but realistically, bro … you can’t. I can’t even throw right now.”

Deion Jr. asks Shedeur if he thinks the public will be informed about his injury after the game, to which he responds he doesn’t think so.

“I want people to know,” Deion Jr. chimes in.

Then, after the game, the media asks Coach Prime about it, saying he’s unaware if Shadeur will need surgery but knows the injury’s been persistently nagging him.

“Shedeur is hurt. Shedeur’s been hurting for a while,” Sanders told reporters Saturday.

At this time, it’s unknown how severe the fracture in Shedeur’s back is or how long it will take to heal, but hopefully, he’ll be ready and back under center when the 2023-24 campaign begins.

The painful injury tracks for anyone who’s watched a weak offensive line try to protect him all season but failed. In fact, he was sacked 52 times, which, according to USA Today, is the most of any NCAA quarterback this season.

This season wasn’t a waste, though, as Shedeur recorded 3,230 yards, setting a new program record and shedding light on the level of talent that can come out of HBCUs.

See how social media’s reacting to the painful Shedeur news below.