As Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson continues selling out arenas on his 'Final Lap' tour, he can rest assured that during his time on the road, his money continues to make money.

Houston Astros Celebrates World Series Win With Over $400,000 Worth of 50 Cent's Champagne.

"I think everybody is different. That's what I love about wine. There's nothing perfect. I mean, people say, 'You should drink white wine with fish,' but you can drink rosé or red wine. Everybody has their own opinion on this stuff. But at the end of the day, for me, my personal opinion is everybody does whatever they want." - 4x NBA champion Tony Parker on how to pair wine

The final bill for his ploy came up to $6.2 million.

The brands are offering a giftbox just in time for Father's Day and beyond, along with some cocktails you can try.

To enhance the viewing experience, Moët & Chandon put together a handful of cocktails meant to represent some of the teams taking to court as the season winds to a dramatic close.

The Ice Daddy star has partnered with Luc Belaire for the brand-new Belaire Bleu expression, which is guaranteed to get folks talking at your next party or gathering.

Basketball stars Carmelo Anthony and Sue Bird are joined with jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills, and fashion designer Don C.

B. Stuyvesant Champagne founder Marvina Robinson brings her Brooklyn flair and well-researched findings to produce a bubbly worthy of a conversation.

"H-O-V-A, gold bottles of that ace of spade Why even fool with these other guys? They all stingy, all these dudes know how to say is "Gimmie"