Donald Glover Pays Tribute to Late Father Donald Glover wrapped up his final show of what he’s calling his final tour as Childish Gambino, but the last show of the This Is America Tour in L.A. held a heart-felt surprise. “I lost my father a couple of weeks ago,” Glover told fans in a video […]

T.I. Arrested Outside Of Georgia Home T.I. was arrested early Wednesday in Henry County, Georgia, outside Atlanta, according to CNN. The Sheriff’s office said he was cited on misdemeanor charges of simple assault, disorderly conduct, and public drunkenness after trying to get inside of his gated community. He didn’t have his key which led to an argument with […]

The Front

'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' hits theaters on July 27.


I’ve got a friend from Newport News, Va. He still seems out of place in New York, genteel where he should be brisk. When I asked him if he watches Atlanta he lengthen his “Nah” into what seemed like a full minute. Atlanta is the South, he said. I’ve lived it so why would I watch […]