Sage Steele, ESPN, and The Walt Disney Co. are about to give us a quick lesson in civics. Pay attention, and you might learn something.

According to sources (Twitter), ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter is a grade-A piece of you know sugar honey iced tea. 


After more than twenty years with Fox Sports, Troy Aikman is reportedly joining ESPN's "Monday Night Football." His new employer is blessing him with a pretty generous contract, too: an alleged $90 million over the next five years.

ESPN's JJ Redick didn't hold back when speaking about his former teammate, Zion Williamson. 


Spike Lee and Jemele Hill have started producing the Colin Kaepernick docuseries, airing on ESPN at a later date. We'll finally get to hear from the man himself about the ins-and-outs of what really happened after taking that fateful knee.

Is Antonio Brown suffering from CTE? Stephen A. Smith believes it's a possibility.

Domonique Foxworth let us know how he really feels about Aaron Rodgers on ESPN. 

Jalen Rose showed up to work, thinking he got a fit off. Twitter said nah.

Andrews will replace Rachel Nichols and 'The Jump' with an all-new show of her own. Head inside for details.