Retired NFL wide receiver and ESPN sports analyst Keyshawn Johnson announced the unexpected death of his daughter, Maia, yesterday, March 15. She was 25 years old, the eldest of his four children, and no reason was given for her untimely passing. “Maia, as my first born child, has been the joy of my, and her […]

Gaffes are nothing new on live television. A quick Youtube search finds tons of videos of people passing out on TV, uncontrollably laughing or tripping and falling–just ask Shaquille O’Neal. But recently, during a live broadcast of ESPN FC Radio, something a bit more serious occurred. As a camera began to pan out, one of […]

Sage Steele got a good dose of karma, and social media is loving every bit of it.

Twitter Reacts To ESPN Demoting Sage Steele & Promoting Elle Duncan

This continues to be a detrimental time in the fight for justice and equality for the Black community; head inside to support.