The sneaker reselling market is one of the most profitable. One way to increase your profit margin and usually get them for the cheapest price possible is… using a five-finger discount. And that’s exactly what a bunch of Chicagoans are allegedly up to. Chicago Police is reporting that millions of dollars of coveted sneakers –including […]

Eastbay announced their shut down which will take place at the end of December, and sneakerhead Twitter has already sounded off RIPs.

The only way to close out the week is to do some sneaker shopping.


With everything going virtual this year due to or social distancing ways, getting in on the Black Friday deals has never been easier. Gone are the days where you’re standing outside in the freezing cold waiting to get bum-rushed just because that 60 inch TV only costs $399. Now, the most strenuous thing you’ve gotta […]

The Trucker Jacket and Air Jordan IV unite.