kevin durant

Few individuals among the nearly 8 billion in the world have the ability to take a given sport and turn it on its head. But the ones who do, manage to become global figures who allow their athletic prowess to both impress and inspire them. But, in the end, it’s about what they do off […]

Basketball is definitely life for Kevin Durant. If that wasn’t apparent before, you most certainly could tell now because he is entering his 7th month without being able to hit a professional court since his Achilles injury and his Twitter fingers have been very busy. Durant had time. Just yesterday (Jan.9), we touched on KD […]

Every now and then we get a string of tweets from Kevin Durant engaging with fans who are talking trash to him. It’s no secret that KD scours the internet defending himself amongst trolls and trash talkers alike. And now, we have our first KD Twitter rant of the new decade. Amidst the Brooklyn Nets […]

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant notably got into an altercation last year that ended with Draymond being suspended for a game. The incident left Dray questioning his standing with the team and with general manager Bob Myers. It also became seemingly obvious that Durant and Green likely wouldn’t both be returning to Golden State for […]

Opening week for the 2019-20 NBA season is right around the corner, and with its arrival means fresh kicks will be gracing the hardwood. Nike announced it will be releasing new colorways from four of its signature Nike Basketball silhouettes, the KYRIE 5, KD12, PG3, and Giannis Antetounkmpo’s Air Zoom Freak 1. Up first is […]

The new way to build a quick win now NBA Championship contender is through free agency. Keep salary on your books clear, and wait for a generational talent to become available and sell him on the reasons you think he, and perhaps another superstar, should join your team. That’s essentially been the way of the […]

This past summer Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving joined the Brooklyn Nets in a move that could potentially shift the powers the be in the NBA. During Media Day, Irving fielded questions about KD’s Achilles injury, which occurred during the NBA Finals, he also talked about how KD would fit in with the Nets as […]

A lot of times, it is pure speculation when it comes to predicting the time table of athletes returns from a major, or minor injury. It is much of the same for Kevin Durant as he recovers from his Achilles injury. The only people who have a real idea of when Durant will be able […]

The Brooklyn Nets will have a new uniform to pair with their new roster featuring Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. As part of the NBA’s partnership with Nike, the 16 playoff teams  from both conferences receive an extra jersey each year called the “Earned” edition, because the Nets made the playoffs last year for the […]

There’s no doubt about it, Kevin Durant was an integral part of the last two Warriors championships, and truth be told, it would have likely been three if Kevin Durant never gets injured. His dominant play, which was rewarded with consecutive Finals MVPs, and two consecutive championships. However, in a sit down with The Wall […]