The women of the Delaware State University (DSU) lacrosse team say they were racially profiled by officers in Liberty County, Georgia and subject to a questionable search and seizure. Liberty County Sheriff William Bowman first said neither the women nor their items were searched, but new video tells a different story.

Civil Rights & Social Justice

In 2019, seven Black student football players at Warren De La Salle High School in Warren, Michigan, were charged with misdemeanors in 2020 over a hazing scandal involving other student-athletes. The former students of the all-boys Catholic high school were accused of holding down younger football players on the locker room floor and striking their bare […]

A day that was supposed to be filled with joy, happiness, and great memories turned into an embarrassing nightmare when a security guard harassed, and discriminated against a newly engaged couple over suspicions of stealing a t-shirt. According to NBC, Cathy-Marie Hamlet and her new fiance Clyde Jackson visited the Angry Orchard farm Sunday July […]

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The heightened attention surrounding the episode of racial profiling could have an unintended consequence for the blackballed quarterback.