Sexual Assault

Despite the absence of other folks’ compassion when Black people need it most, my immediate reaction to stories of sexual assault and harassment is almost always instinctively, deeply empathetic, race be damned. For that reason, this is one of the more challenging pieces that I’ve ever written. As I read yet another account of post-Harvey […]

Consider what recent sexual abuse scandals say about who is, and who isn’t, deemed worthy of protection.

Rape culture won't end if we don't face it head on.

Journalist Ayana Byrd asks men to stop thinking ending sexual harassment isn’t their fight.

Here are the latest updates in his case.

A Lyft driver in Chicago was arrested on July 19 after being accused of zip-tying and sexually assaulting a 25-year-old customer.

The comedian leaves the court a free man.

And here's yet another example of how the justice system continues to fail Black women.