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Travis Scott Offers To Pay The Tuition of 5 HBCU Students On Twitter

Source: Kevin Winter / Getty

Wednesday night (Oct.7) was a great night to be a Travis Scott fan.


Travis Scott was in an extraordinary giving mood on Twitter last night. Things got interesting after a fan asked the “Sicko Mode” rapper to replace a pair lost AirPods. “La flame I lost my AirPods bro can you hook it up,” the Twitter user asked. More than likely to the fan’s surprise, Scott responded, “I got u where I send u sum at.”

The flood gates immediately opened, one fan jokingly asked the Houston rapper to replace his lost PlayStation 5, and Scott replied, “That I can make happen !!!!” Not sure if he is serious, BUT if anyone could deliver on that, it would be La Flame being that he shared a photo hinting that he already has Sony’s highly-coveted next-gen console.

After promising to give other fans things like an Astro World hoodie and a spot in “Utopia” to replace a “lost house,” Scott decided to do something even grander. He *Travis Scott voice* STRAIGHT-UP announced that he wanted to “take care of 5 kids tuition for their first semester of school.” The chef’s kiss on the gesture is when he added a follow-up tweet that it had to be an HBCU student.

Scott shared that his mom went to Grambling and his dad went to P.V. before he shared two lucky HBCU students that he had chosen to foot their bill for their college education. One student attending Morehouse and another at Howard University.

The “Franchise” rapper didn’t share who the other three students yet, so possibly that means there is still time to shoot your shot. Regardless this is a very dope gesture on Travis Scott’s part.

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty