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 Another weekend, another L on SNKRS for sneakerheads trying to purchase a pair of Air Jordan 1 High OG CO.JPs.


Like they always do when it’s time for Jordan release, especially an Air Jordan 1, sneaker enthusiasts load up their SNKRS app in hopes minutes before the kicks drop in hopes they will be able to secure a pair. Once the clock strikes 10am on the east coast, and that button turns from coming soon to purchase, that’s when things get dicey.

Now you would think, being that you literally being on the app at the time of the sneakers’ release, that should secure you a pair of the highly-coveted kicks…WRONG. All it does is put you in a waiting game that will determine whether you will be one of the very few lucky individuals to share that beautiful right of sneaker passage, the “GOT EM” page, or you will be on Twitter putting on your clown makeup wallowing in misery becuase once again you subjected yourself to SNKRS bullsh*t.

It’s a catch 22 and will have you asking yourself, WHY DO I CONSTANTLY PUT MYSELF THROUGH THIS? Well, for one, it is very gratifying when you do get a win on SNKRS, but at this point, copping kicks on that app is like playing the lottery…hey, you never know.

We feel for each of you who have to put on their clown makeup every weekend following a Jordan drop. We all deserve a pair of fresh Js like the Air Jordan 1 High “OG CO.JPs.”

But it’s starting to feel like the folks who run the SNKRS app are the one’s saying “GOT EM,” watching us complain every damn week. You can peep the reactions in the gallery below.

Twitter Reacts To Missing Out On The Air Jordan 1 High “OG CO.JP”
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Photo: Jordan Brand / Air Jordan 1 High OG CO.JP