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Whether you’re in a committed relationship or singledom has kicked your summer savage into full gear, dates are a must with the better weather and overall good vibes. But kicking it isn’t an excuse to ditch your savings goals. Your win/win comes from planning. Savvy money people know how to rack up during summer sales, to look good and they’re good at finding ways to do the most without breaking the bank. In order to accomplish the latter, cheap dates are a must. If you’re up to the challenge of saving bread, here are few cheap dates to add to your list.

1 Hit the Park

Whether you want to do a picnic or take a walk, this a great bang for the buck if you’re trying to vet someone. Packing food allows you to get away with not spending much, like on some Popeye’s and a bottle of their favorite wine, without seeming cheap. Or, if its a late night chilling session, you can just cop some ice cream as a treat.

2 Meet at a Good Food Truck

There’s no table service or air conditioning, which means you have to be strategic about timing and location when hitting up a food truck. It also means you likely won’t spend much more than $20 on a full meal for two. Do your research and look for trucks that are near open areas with seating or scenic surroundings, like overlooking the water. Hit up your local store and bring two small bottles of fancy water (or wine) and maybe a few snacks if you know what your date’s favorites are. Remembering what their favorite flavor of chips is? There’s a few extra points for you.

3 Do a Flea Market or Consignment Shop Crawl

First, you have to find out whether the person you’re feeling is into flea markets and browsing. If it’s a go, map out a few hotspots in popular area, ideally in walking distance. Go from shop to shop, and mix it up to make sure it’s things you actually want to look at too—this is even better if you’re looking for something specific, like furniture or a cool coat. Stop to get ice cream, iced coffee or snacks. If it goes well, transition to a light lunch, think sandwiches or pizza, preferably outdoors and keep the vibe going.

4 Hit the Boardwalk

Most cities and towns have a boardwalk area overlooking the water or something scenic. These are great places to meet up and chill. You can stroll a bit or cop a seat, and just chill. Think ahead when it comes to food and drink. Scout the location to see your best options and find out if there is space where it’s easy and comfortable to eat any food you bring along.