Twitter has given the campaign its nod of approval and was more than happy to see SZA showing some skin.

Dominique Fishback has several reasons to feel like she’s on top of the world, namely because it’s her 32nd birthday.

Legal documents reveal that Barnes is behind on child support payments to the tune of $133,976.54.

Being a former NFL player won’t even stop you from getting into a Karen-like situation. Footballer turned successful ESPN sportscaster Desmond Howard was recently on a flight when a white fellow passenger took issue with his coughing. The football legend recently shared footage while aboard a flight explaining a situation where another passenger tried to […]

The married couple recently visited Florida’s Everglades Correctional Institution to deliver the good word to 300 inmates.

The drama between Tiger Woods and his ex-girlfriend Erica Herman is heating up. The couple broke up in October after dating for six years, and Herman is now suing because she got kicked out of their shared residence. In the new filing, the defendant—Jupiter Island Irrevocable Homestead Trust—wants to hear her case because Herman says […]

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It’s a mixed blessing being a celebrity kid. You face enormous scrutiny from the time you’re born, but you also get all the perks – a fabulous home, world-class travel, and, in North West‘s case, making bank on TikTok while meeting all your favorite artists. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s oldest child, the precocious North […]

Chris Rock got some major hate following his Chris Rock: Selective Outrage Netflix special with viewers claiming he wasn’t a funny comedian and questioning his Blackness. But at least some fellow comedians have his back like D.L. Hughley and Leslie Jones who tried to help convince people of Rock’s unique experience and decision making. Hughley […]

Will Smith "feels terrible" and still wants to make amends amid Chris Rock's 'Selective Outrage' Netflix special.